Monday, August 9, 2010

Stormy Monday, the Camel, and a Colossal Squid

Big seas, and even bigger wind today.

Nothing for it but a trim latte at Maranui.

A sad story with a happy ending that turned out to be sad after all.

When my children heard that Maranui Cafe had been gutted by a fire, the first thing they asked about was the camel.  The camel is so important my children actually call Maranui "the Camel Cafe".  When the cafe re-opened a couple of weeks ago the first thing they asked about was the camel.  I'm sure you can imagine their delight to find the camel, restored to his former handsome glory, standing proud in his old spot by the window.  The first thing they did was race to be first on the camel. 

My 9 year old came sadly back to the table.  In the year and a bit of waiting for Maranui to re-open, she has grown too big to sit on the camel.

And here's the Colossal Squid

Amazing what's found in the sea around here!

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  1. Lucky! I heard about the squid and took the young man down to see it, but unfortunately too late. :-(