Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Storm (and fair isle shawl collared boy sweaters).

We had a storm on Friday.  I live at the bottom of the hill this was taken from.

I've lived in Wellington for 39 years 5 months and three weeks, and I've never seen a storm come in like that.  I love the bit where the guy tells the child to come away from the windows and child answers "why".  Old people 'round here remember the Wahine Storm of 1968.  At my primary school we used to tell a horror story about a child who was decapitated by a flying sheet of roofing iron as she stood at her window.  I discovered recently this story is more than playground myth.  It already haunted me when I thought it was made up!  So, that's why.

On Friday I found myself saying "I think you should come away from the windows now". 
On a less macabre note, also on Friday, I decided I have to knit Ryan a shawl collared fair isle sweater just like one I saw in Country Road.  I've charted out the fair isle pattern and experiemented a few times to get the right edging pattern.  After knitting about 6 inches up from the bottom I decided this needs to be knit top down.  So I frogged it and am now trying to reactive my brain to calculate how many stitches and increases I need.

Random fact leading to new post - I have 3 large file boxes full of Stitchcraft magazines.

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  1. crazy storm video! My girls and I just watched it. What a beautiful view you have though - the water is an amazing shade of green there. Here in New England (east coast USA) it's much blue-er. And PS - adorable tunic design!