Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Sea

When I arrive at MY beach (Parapara, Golden Bay) I walk into the water, I look along the beach and all around to hills and distant mountains, and I breathe. I breathe more deeply than anywhere else, I breathe my life back into me. I find myself in the sea.
Well, actually that's my daughter, but perhaps we find ourselves in our children as well.

My children understand me, there is nothing better than looking for treasure on the beach - in the rocks, in the sand. I love the mystery - will you find the perfect shell, or an empty noodle packet off a Korean fishing trawler? This is Makara Beach on a totally out of character calm day, always feels like the ends of the earth although it's only 20 minutes drive from the city. Mostly rubbish we found that day - car tyres, plastic bags, broken bottles (we weren't the first teenagers, and looks like we weren't the last, to spend nights in that falling down concrete bunker).

I live near the sea of course, but hopefully not too near. I've been doing a lot of sad thinking about tsunamis this week - I think we'll need to head for higher ground if a 6 metre monster ever heads our way at 500kph.

So there ya go, my first post. Next time..... knitting!


  1. Yay - hi secret twin :) You know we chose the same blog template too eh?