Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beat My Hi-Score

I've been meaning to knit a spacies beanie for ages, ever since seeing the wonderful bpm socks in  The socks look tricky, but a hat I can manage.  I found these charts by Jennifer Wang on Ravelry and decided the time was right for Space Invaders Extreme!

Ry wanted the shooter included, and one of the invaders blowing up - phew, found a chart for that too.  He wanted a roll brim, so he got one.

Now the big girl is requesting a hat with baby deer on it.  What is it with baby deer - and rabbits and squirrels?  I don't mean with 8 year olds, but with 28 year olds?  And 38 year olds - can't have too many cute crafted woodland animals ;-)

Knitting fair isle is fun, perhaps I'll get around to those socks after all.

Fun to knit, and fun to make your children happy, huh?

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