Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm still here, somewhere under this pile of washing and scattered possessions!

As my dear doppelgänger, Pippa, pointed out to me it's been over a year since my last confession blog post. Part of that is this darn baby taking up all my time, part of it is my natural inclination towards laziness, part of it is I only just discovered there's a Blogger app! I can blog on my phone now, woohoo!

sorry about that if anyone was was hanging out for my vague ramblings and attempted creative musings.  Pippa is just sad because she's not on Facebook so misses out on all the baby photos.  So for Pippa and all, here is Ciaran Louis, age 13 months. Cute as a button and always busy.

A very, very, busy little boy.

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  1. LOL Thank you my lovely! And awwww. . . he's bootiful :)