Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Daisies

I read somewhere that if you can stand on seven daisies it is summer.  Our lawn is just about more daisies than grass at the moment so we tried it out.  Turns out 7 is easy, even for the kids, the most I could manage with my big feet was 13.  Must be summer!  

More signs of summer, I accidentally harvested some garlic today.  I was covering the strawberry patch to protect it from birds and rabbits, and these babies were in the way.

The lemon is in full blossom, every time I step outside my back door it smells like I am in Sicily. 

We have three feijoa trees here as well.  I hope the number of flowers are a sign of the bumper crop to come.

 I'm not really able to tackle the vegetable garden at the moment so it has become rather overgrown, but I like the way it looks in all it's weedy, seedy glory.  There is still plenty to eat in there - garlic, potatoes, broad beans, runner beans, coriander, celery, rainbow chard and silver beet.  Will also be plenty of seeds to harvest for next year!

The bare branches that I suspected were some sort of currents are indeed - I suspect I'll need to protect these from the birds as well.

and of course my favourite scarlet runner beans.  Nothing says summer is on it;s way more than their wonderful orange flowers and bright green leaves.

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