Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm off to Vintage Knitting College, by gum, by golly!

Since releasing my Matariki pattern I've had a few knitters asking me for hints on colourwork knitting.  You might like to check out the Vintage Knitting College hosted on the fabulous blog By gum, by golly! for far more detailed and comprehensive advice than I could ever give!

If the linky button won't work, you can enter Vintage Knitting College here, and Tasha's first class is here: Colorwork: 101.

Mostly I'm just looking at all those gorgeous vintage chicks in their gorgeous vintage sweaters and wondering about their boobs.  Luckily Tasha's blog even has a post about re-creating a vintage bustline.  I'm not taking the Mickey, quite seriously, I've often wondered about retro bustlines.  Not quite sure where to from there, except maybe it's time to re-post this one:

That'll be me soon, 20" waist and all.

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