Monday, May 2, 2011

Nature Connections

I've been stalking the contributions to Nature Connections over on Living and Learning and thought maybe it was time I joined in.  We live in a city, but we're blessed that this is a small city surrounded and encroached upon by bush and sea and farmland.  Nature is never very far away and our mostly mild climate makes it easy to connect with it all year round. 

So anyway, here's my pic for April - Miss 10 in the sand, but not any old sand!

We have just got back from a few days deep in the countryside.  We stayed in an old farm cottage out of cellphone range and a good 30 minutes drive on windy narrow roads from the nearest town of any kind.  The children got to ride cross country in a farm ute, watch dogs muster sheep (and cuddle the dogs to bits - city kids have no concept of working dogs not being pets!), groom horses, find giant tree fungi, and experience real night time darkness.  But the thing that amazed them most of all was our brief stop at the beach at Patea.  Being children of the '80s, me and the bloke can't help breaking into Poi E at the very mention of Patea, but the kids ignore us and are just fascinated by the black Taranaki sand.  The finest, softest, blackest sand.  I agree, it's pretty magical.


  1. Loves me some black sand. It DOES get into everything though!

  2. What beautiful black sand!

  3. Wow! Beautiful black sand! My son certainly would have been fascinated by that, too. Thanks for linking at Nature Connections. :)